On Air with The Airconditioning Podcast

21 Jun 2021

Brad and Shane Rawson of The Airconditioning Podcast sat down with our SA State Manager Ben Bithell to discuss all things Airefrig. The latest episode is out now and Ben chats about the Airefrig history and how our business has grown to the national wholesaler you know today.

If you wanted to know more about our online offering, the Airefrig business model and our core brands this episode provides a great overview of what we do. Ben is a knowledgeable, fun and dedicated Airefrig team member and provides a great insight into why our customer relationships are a key part of our success story.

Listen to the episode here.


Brad and Shane started The Airconditioning Podcast back in 2019 with the aim to fill a void in the podcast sphere for dedicated information regarding the airconditioning industry. They have released 42 episodes over 2 seasons. We recommend all our customers hop on over and check them out. Thanks again to Brad and Shane for having us on.