Saddles & Shields for Insulated Pipes

Founded in 1998 by two young entrepreneurs specializing in the field of commercial and industrial refrigeration/HVAC systems, with the objective to develop products to simplify the installation of pipe runs while protecting the piping insulation, TB Concept’s innovative Insuguard® products clearly stand out from competitive products. Insuguard® is the first pipe protector designed to accommodate movement of the pipes generated by thermal expansion and vibrations without ever damaging their insulation: features that no other conventional pipe saddle could offer.

Due to above unique features and their easy tool-free installation on standard strut channel with a simple click, the Insuguard® pipe protectors quickly gained market acceptance.

More recently, the successful Insuguard Multi® pipe support was launched in response to the challenge of eliminating pipe insulation damages on multiple types of hanging systems: strut, Clevis, steel angle, and even I-Beam & H-Beam! An installer can now use the same saddle, and simply swap the clipping adaptor of his choice to meet the hanging support system he is facing. What a great idea this is!

Insuguard® products are manufactured under the most stringent industry standards, tested and approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL/ULC). TB Concept’s R&D department continuously meets the challenges for developping innovative, state of the art, efficient new products in order to meet the industry’s needs.

Insuguard® VS Plastic Saddle