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EA Series Evaporators

The Karyer EA series evaporators are specially designed for a wide variety of small to large commercial refrigeration applications such as coolrooms and freezer rooms. The EA series evaporators have a professional and fresh white case finish that will compliment any installation project in the Australian marketplace. These evaporators are designed with optimum tube diameters that ensure the smallest refrigerant charges coupled with maximum increased efficiency and excellent oil return. The fin spacings offered have been selected to ensure a finely tuned balance that will provide trouble free operation with the most efficient cooling effect for correctly engineered applications.

  • Medium Temperature: 4.2mm fin spacing
  • Low Temperature: 7.0mm fin spacing

The three phase AC evaporator fan assemblies are ebm-papst who are renowned worldwide for quality and reliability. These fan motors have been selected in 500mm diameters specifically to match what has been considered standard sizing and most commonly used for many years in the Australian market.


The Coil Defender Hand Sanitiser is now in stock. The 1L spray bottle is a dual purpose sanitiser suitable for use on hands as well as for cleaning/disinfecting surfaces.

This non-alcohol based formula is gentle on the skin and offers long lasting protection for hands and surfaces, for hours after it’s been applied. The key ingredient is Quaternary Ammonia which is a recognised hospital grade disinfectant.

The consistency of the Coil Defender hand sanitiser allows for the recommended 20 second application currently advised by our government during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This dual-purpose handy spray bottle is ideal for contractors providing essential services in the community.

Airefrig are proud to supply the latest in Karyer Heat Exchangers to the Australian market.


Find the exclusive to Airefrig range of EB and EG Series Evaporators here:

High Quality Pipe Saddles & Shields for Insulated Pipes

Fastest installation in the industry

  • 40% faster than metal or plastic shields
  • 80% faster than clamps and collars

Maintains pipe insulation properties

  • Eliminates displacement and/or failing of pipe support, leading to refrigerant leaks

Keeps thermal bridge intact

  • Eliminates insulation compression

Maintains liquid line in place

  • Eliminates refrigerant leaks there too

Tool-free installation

  • One simple click is all it takes

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