Catch All Filter Drier 3/8" MF - C053

Catch All Filter Drier 3/8" MF

Part Number: C053

Catch All Filter Drier 3/8" MF

Part Number: C053

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  • The universal acceptance of the Catch-All Filter-Drier is due to its unique moulded porous core, consisting of a blend of highly effective desiccants. The quality features built into it assure years of service on any refrigeration system.
  • BrandSporlan
    Connection Size3/8"
    Connection TypeMale Flare
    Dessicant Volume cm³82
    Recommended KW - A/C - R134a2.64 thru 3.52
    Recommended KW - A/C - R22/R407C/R410A2.64 thru 3.52
    Recommended KW - Refrig - R134a1.17
    Recommended KW - Refrig - R221.17
    Recommended KW - Refrig - R404A/R5071.17
    Water Capacity - R134a 50PPM - 25°C7.9gm
    Water Capacity - R134a 50PPM - 50°C5.7gm
    Water Capacity - R22 60PPM - 25°C7.3gm
    Water Capacity - R22 60PPM - 50°C6.0gm
    Water Capacity - R404A R507C 50PPM - 25°C8.5gm
    Water Capacity - R404A R507C 50PPM - 50°C6.9gm
    Water Capacity - R407C 50PPM - 25°C6.2gm
    Water Capacity - R407C 50PPM - 50°C2.0gm
    Water Capacity - R410A 50PPM - 25°C3.2gm
    Water Capacity - R410A 50PPM - 50°C2.4gm


    Water Capacity Ratings: 20 Drops = 1 gram = 1cc. (Ratings at ARI standard conditions)

  • Dia: 62mm Length: 132mm

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