Carel MPXPRO 3 Remote Terminal With Keypad - IR00UGC300

Carel MPXPRO 3 Remote Terminal With Keypad

Part Number: IR00UGC300

Carel MPXPRO 3 Remote Terminal With Keypad

Part Number: IR00UGC300

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  • MPXPRO is a tool used for complete management of a channelled refrigerating bench or of a refrigerating cell.
    Compact and flexible, paying particular attention to energy saving and easiness in use, allows you to manage electronic expansion valves (both Carel and PWM) using ultracap technology to ensure closure in case of lack of voltage.
    Besides traditional lighting management, electric heater defrost, fans, the main functions are:
    - Smooth line: modulation of the bench refrigerating capacity to optimize the bench temperature
    - Modulation of the demisters resistances based on the environmental temperature and humidity
    - Modulation of the fans speed
    - Synchronisation of the evaporating units (max 6) for defrost, probes sharing and serial connections
    - Advanced hot gas defrost
    - Intelligent defrost: different functions to reduce the number and duration of the defrosts

    The entire assembly accompanied by serial communication RS485 (Carel and Modbus)to be integrated in monitoring systems and to be able to interact with various plug in PlantVisorPRO or PlantWatchPRO that allow status monitoring, troubleshooting and efficiency maximization.

  • ApplicationMPX PRO 3
    Cutout Size71 x 29mm
    Mounting TypePanel
    Number of Output Relaysn/a
    TypeMPX Pro 3 Remote Keypad


    Requires MPX Pro 3 control connection for operation. Keypad allows programming of MPX Pro 3 Controls

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