Carel Ultracap To Suit EVD Ice Module OEM/Replacement - EVDMU00R10

Carel Ultracap To Suit EVD Ice Module OEM/Replacement

Part Number: EVDMU00R10

Carel Ultracap To Suit EVD Ice Module OEM/Replacement

Part Number: EVDMU00R10

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  • OEM High Volume Solution and In Field Replacement. EVD ice is the new control solution for CAREL ExV proportional electronic expansion valves that can be installed directly on the evaporator, in cold rooms and other applications, with a revolutionary design intended specifically also for low temperature conditions.
    EVD ice is especially suited to installation in the factory, since all accessory equipment is pre-cabled, including the electronic expansion valve and the sensors.
    This makes all the benefits in performance and energy savings available without the need for cabling, welding or complex configuration, and also offers the quality and reliability of a factory tested and installed solution.
    EVD ice can be integrated with CAREL systems such as Ultracella. Furthermore, EVD ice is also designed to be compatible with third party regulation and control solutions, using standard communications protocols, or can work as a standalone solution for refrigeration cells and other applications in which compactness and versatility are key.
    The system is rounded by the UltraCap option, which ensures the safety of the refrigeration system in case of power failure, as well as its compatibility with natural and eco-friendly refrigerants, including modern HFO's.

  • ApplicationElectronic TX valve
    TypeEVD Ice


    Ultracap only for use with Carel EVD Ice series drivers only. For valve close function with power failure.

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