Pressure Transmitter AKS 32R -1-34 Bar - 60G0090

Pressure Transmitter AKS 32R -1-34 Bar

Part Number: 60G0090

Pressure Transmitter AKS 32R -1-34 Bar

Part Number: 60G0090

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  • Danfoss Pressure transmitter Type AKS 32R

    AKS 32R is a ratiometric pressure transmitter that converts the measured pressure to a linear output signal. The output signal is relative to the supply voltage meaning that the min. pressure output will be 10% of the actual supply voltage and the max. pressure output will be 90% of the actual supply voltage.

    At a supply voltage of 5 V, the output signal is:

    • 0.5 V at min pressure range
    • 4.5 V at max. pressure range

    The robust design and the ratiometric output signal makes the transmitter suitable for systems together with ratiometric A/D converters within a number of fields:

    • A/C systems
    • Refrigeration plant
    • CO2 plant
    • Process control
    • Laboratories
  • BrandDanfoss
    Danfoss Code Number060G0090
    Electrical connectionDIN-plug
    Enclosure rating IPIP65
    Pressure connection1/4 in Male flare
    Pressure range-1 - 34 bar (-14.5 - 493 psi)
    Pressure TransmitterAKS 32R
    Supply voltage [V] DC [Max]8 V
  • Pressure Transmitter AKS 32R -1-34 Bar

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