Danfoss Pack Controller - AK-PC 781A - 80Z0191

Danfoss Pack Controller - AK-PC 781A

Part Number: 80Z0191

Danfoss Pack Controller - AK-PC 781A

Part Number: 80Z0191

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  • Danfoss AK-PC 781A, Capacity controller with recovery function

    AK-PC 781A is complete regulating units for capacity control of compressors and condensers in refrigeration systems. The controller is with oil management, heat recovery function and CO2 gas pressure control.

    In addition to capacity control the controllers can give signals to other controllers about the operating condition, e.g. forced closing of expansion valves, alarm signals and alarm messages.

    The controller’s main function is to control compressors and condensers so that operation all the time takes place at the energy-optimum pressure conditions. Both suction pressure and condensing pressure are controlled by signals from pressure transmitters.

    Capacity control can be carried out by suction pressure P0, media temperature S4 or separate control pressure Pctrl (for cascade).

    Among the different functions are:

    • Capacity control of up to 10 compressors
    • Up to 3 unloaders for each compressor
    • Oil management. Either shared or individual for all of the compressor's oil valves. Receiver pressure control.
    • Speed control of one or two compressors
    • Up to 6 safety inputs for each compressor
    • Option for capacity limitation to minimize consumption peaks
    • When the compressor does not start, signals can be transmitted to other controllers so that the electronic expansion valves will be closed
    • Regulation of liquid injection into suction line
    • Start/stop of liquid injection in heat exchanger (cascade)
    • MT/LT - coordination between controllers in cascade control
    • Safety monitoring of high pressure / low pressure / discharge temperature
    • Capacity control of up to 8 fans
    • Floating reference with regard to outside temperature
    • Heat recovery function
    • CO2 gas cooler control and receiver control
    • Parallel compression on transcritical CO2 system
    • Step coupling, speed regulation or a combination
    • Safety monitoring of fans
    • The status of the outputs and inputs is shown by means of light-emitting diodes on the front panel
    • Alarm signals can be generated via data communication
    • Alarms are shown with texts so that the cause of the alarm is easy to see.
    • Plus some completely separate functions that are totally independent of the regulation – such as alarm, thermostat, pressure and PI-regulating functions
  • Analog inputs (AI)11
    Capacity controllerAK-PC 781A
    Danfoss Code Number080Z0191
    Digital outputs (DO)8
    Fan capacity controlStep/ Speed
    Fan control modePI
    Number of Compressors max.10
    Number of Fans max.8
    Oil managementYes, with CO2
    Supply voltage [V] AC24V
  • Danfoss Pack Controller - AK-PC 781A

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