Prosa PR-SC4K Direct Telemetry Kit - 300B4325

Prosa PR-SC4K Direct Telemetry Kit

Part Number: 300B4325

Prosa PR-SC4K Direct Telemetry Kit

Part Number: 300B4325

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  • PR-SC4 - Telemetry Device

    The PR-SC4 device is one of the telemetry device that the Prosa Infrastructure uses in order to create an Internet Of Things. In this case, the "Things" are supposed to be the dispenser of beverages and cold room for goods storage.

    The primary goal of the PR-SC4 device is to communicate to the Prosa system diagnostic parameters and eventually alarms related to the temperatures of the storage equipment. To this aim, the PR-SC4 can work in conjunction with the electronic thermostat of the cooling equipment when available.

    The PR-SC4 contains a modem and uses Bluetooth and a Machine to Machine (M2M) SIM in order to communicate with the Prosa Infrastructure through the mobile network. The network is also exploited by the PR-SC4 in order to compute a triangulation of the position of the cooling equipment.

  • Alarm TypePush Notification via App
    App AvailableYes
    Cloud based monitoringPR-SC4K
    Communication typeMobile LTE
    Connection via SubscriptionYes
    Danfoss Code Number300B4325
    Network ConnectionNo
    Number of Monitored DI6
    Number of Temperature Probes4
    Supply voltage100-240 VAC
    Temp Probes SuppliedYes
  • L: 108mm W: 95mm H: 53mm

    Prosa PR-SC4K Direct Telemetry Kit

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