Danfoss Hot Gas Bypass Regulator CPCE22 0-87psig 7/8" ODS - 34N0084

Danfoss Hot Gas Bypass Regulator CPCE22 0-87psig 7/8" ODS

Part Number: 34N0084

Danfoss Hot Gas Bypass Regulator CPCE22 0-87psig 7/8" ODS

Part Number: 34N0084

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  • CPCE Hot gas bypass regulator, Liquid gas mixer, type LG (accessory)

    CPCE hot gas bypass regulator adapt compressor capacity to actual evaporator load.

    They are designed for installation in a bypass line between the low and high pressure sides of the refrigeration system, for hot gas injection between the evaporator and thermostatic expansion valve.

    Injection should be arranged to occur through an LG liquid gas mixer (purchased separately).


    CPCE hot gas bypass regulator

    • Superior control accuracy
    • Direct connection to system suction line regulates hot gas injection independent of evaporator pressure drop
    • The regulator increases evaporator gas velocity, thus ensuring better oil return to compressor
    • Protection against too low an evaporating temperature, i.e. prevents evaporator icing

    May be used in the following EX range: Category 3 (Zone 2)

    LG liquid gas mixer (purchased separately)

    • LG provides homogeneous mixing of the liquid and hot gas refrigerant injected into the evaporator
    • Prevents high suction superheat by combining hot gas injection with expansion valve characteristics
    • LG can be used for hot gas defrosting or reverse cycle systems

    R22, R1234ze *), R1270 *), R134a, R290 *), R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R448A, R449A, R450A, R452A, R507A, R513A, R600 *), R600a *)

    *) only LG 12-16 and LG 16-22

    Regulating rangepe = 0 – 6 bar (0 – 87 psig)
    Factory setting = 0.4 bar (5.8 psig)
    Maximum working pressurePS/MWP PS = 28 bar (406 psig)
    Maximum test pressurePe = 31 bar (449 psig)
    Medium temperature range-45 – 130 °C
    Maximum differential pressureΔp = 18 bar (261 psig)
    Maximum media temperature140 °C
    Minimum media temperature-50 °C

    This product is evaluated for R290, R600, R600a, R1234ze, R1270 by ignition source assessment in accordance with standard EN13463-1.

    For complete list of approved refrigerants, visit www.products.danfoss.com and search for individual code numbers, where refrigerants are listed as part of technical data.

    Nominal Capacity

    Connection TypeRated capacity 1) [kW]
    034N0082CPCE 121/2 Solder17.47.916.419.0
    034N0083CPCE 155/8 Solder25.611.624.227.9
    034N0084CPCE 227/8 Solder34.

    1) Rated capacity is the regulator capacity at
    evaporating temperature te = -10 °C
    condensing temperature tc = +30°C
    reduction of suction temperature / suction pressure Δts = 4 K.

    Outlet - ODMInlet hot gas - ODFInlet liquid - ODF
    069G4001LG 12-165/8161/2125/816
    069G4002LG 12-227/8221/2127/822
    069G4003LG 16-281-1/8285/8161-1/828
    069G4004LG 22-351-3/8"357/8221-3/8"35

    For optimum performance it is important to select a CPCE valve according to system conditions and application.

  • BrandDanfoss
    Connection Size7/8" ODF Solder
    Danfoss Code Number034N0084
    Hot Gas Bypass Regulator TypeCPCE 22
    Maximum Test Pressure31 bar (449 psig)
    Maximum Working Pressure28 bar (406 psig)
    Medium Temperature Range-50°C to +140°C
    Regulating Range0 – 6 bar (0 – 87 psig)
  • Danfoss Hot Gas Bypass Regulator CPCE22 0-87psig 7/8" ODS

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