Parker Inlet Pressure Regulator - A8 Port - 2-1/8" - A8PORT1717

Parker Inlet Pressure Regulator - A8 Port - 2-1/8"

Part Number: A8PORT1717

Parker Inlet Pressure Regulator - A8 Port - 2-1/8"

Part Number: A8PORT1717

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  • The commercial pressure regulator (S)PORT/ (S)PORTII valves are designed with stainless steel bonnet bolts, adjusting stems, and piston and plug assemblies. The result is a regulator designed to withstand the rigorous application environment a low side regulator must endure. Models are available in combinations of connection sizes, port sizes and features as designated by the model code. Unlike some competitive models of low side regulators that utilize high pressure discharge gas as a pilot source, they are piloted with upstream pressure. This eliminates the requirement for hot gas headers, isolation devices, piping, and the labor associated with the installation of other valves. Flare connections from high pressure pilot lines are also eliminated, minimizing sources for prospective leaks. 

    The valves are an integrated assembly of (4) modules: 
    1) A body, which contains no moving parts
    2) A capacity cartridge, which contains both piston and modulating plug, and defines the Port Size
    3) A pilot adapter, which defines the valve function and onto which the Pilot Solenoids providing the “S” (Shut-off) or “B” (Bypass) features are added as required
    4) The bonnet, containing the Range Spring and Adjustment Screw, which is set for the value of pressure which the valve is to maintain. 

    The unique modular design allows the regulator to be soldered into the line without disassembly, yet provides full access for disassembly, cleaning and servicing from the top only. Interchangeable capacity cartridges facilitate flow revisions should an undersized or oversized condition be encountered, while pilot adapters can be changed out to add features or even change functions.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Retrofitting for additional evaporator capacity is simple and requires no pipe line revisions 
    • The piston and plug assembly can handle reduced flow conditions and controlling down to about 15% of the valve’s maximum capacity 
    • Designed entirely with corrosion resistant materials
    • New cooler running coil and open frame coil housing
    • New dual voltage 208/240/60 Hz coil
    • Conveniently located access fitting
    • Pilot operated for close control at desired set-point
    • Excellent regulation at light loads
    • Interchangeable capacity cartridges
    • Low pressure drop
    • Few moving parts
    • Long-life stainless steel diaphragms (no bellows to fail)
    • Variations available for pilot electric shut-off and shut-off with electric wide-opening (bypass)
    • Manual opening feature (except (S) PORT 11- B and (S) PORT - B version)
    • All service from the top
    • Sweat-in-place without disassembly
    • UL listed (except 50 Hertz versions)
    • Design pressure (M.R.P.): 31.0 bar (450 psig)
    • Range: 250mm hg to 8.3 bar (10" hg to 120 psig)


    • Evaporator pressure control
  • Adjustment Range0-120 psig
    Connection Size2-1/8"
    Maximum Test Pressure450 psig
    Model NumberA8 PORT 17 17
    Parker Part Number103836
    Port Size2-1/8"

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