Electronic Expansion Valve AKV 10P7 - 68F5217

Electronic Expansion Valve AKV 10P7

Part Number: 68F5217

Electronic Expansion Valve AKV 10P7

Part Number: 68F5217

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  • AKV 10P / AKV 10PS - Electric Expansion Valves

    AKV 10P and AKV10PS are electric operated expansion valves designed for refrigerating plants.
    The AKV 10P and AKV 10PS valves are normally controlled by a controller from Danfoss range of ADAP-KOOL controllers, that ensures a precise liquid injection into evaporators.

    AKV 10P and AKV10PS valves are fully serviceable valves and are supplied as a parts programme with separate valve body and coil (with terminal box, cable or DIN plug).



    • Precise control of liquid injection
    • The AKV 10P/10PS valves cover a capacity range from 0.2 - 12.5 kW / 0.06 - 3.55 TR (404A / R507) and are divided into 8 capacity ranges
    • Supports varierty of refrigerants
    • Solenoid tight shut-off
    • Fully serviceable valve
    • Superior valve technology that provides soft pulse operation
    • The AKV 10P/10PS valve are supplied as a parts programme, as follows:
      • Separate valve incl. exchangeable orifice
      • Separate coil
  • BrandDanfoss
    Danfoss Code Number068F5217
    Electronic Expansion ValveAKV 10P
    Inlet Connection1/2" ODF Solder
    Max Operating Pressure Differential18 bar (261 psi) Coil Dependent
    Maximum Working Pressure90 bar (1305 psig)
    Outlet Connection5/8" ODF Solder
    RefrigerantsAll HCFC and non-flammable HFC refrigerants & R744 (CO2)
    Suitable Coil18F6732 (018F6732)
  • Electronic Expansion Valve AKV 10P7

    Published in Danfoss AU Catalogue 2020.10

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