Orifice No 2 - Suit TCAE TX Valve - 68U4101

Orifice No 2 - Suit TCAE TX Valve

Part Number: 68U4101

Orifice No 2 - Suit TCAE TX Valve

Part Number: 68U4101

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  • Thermostatic expansion valve. Type TU & TC.

    The thermostatic expansion valves TUA/TUAE, TCAE with exchangeable orifice, TUB/TUBE/TCBE with fixed orifice and TUC/TUCE/TCCE with fixed orifice and fixed superheat setting, are made of stainless steel and therefore especially well suited to refrigeration systems in the food industry and where aggressive environments exist. 

    These thermostatic expansion valves have been developed and designed especially for easy and quick soldering into hermetic refrigeration systems.

    TU and TC valves are basically identical, except for the larger diaphragm on the TC. The larger diaphragm allows for more travel of the orifice cone, which gives the TC valve more capacity than the TU valve. TU and TC valves are available in both Straightway and Angleway versions. TUA(E) and TCAE only as straight flow.

    Typical applications for TU and TC valves are:

    • Conventional refrigeration systems
    • Heat pump systems
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Specialty refrigeration appliances
    • Liquid chillers
    • Ice machines
    • Transport refrigeration



  • BrandDanfoss
    Danfoss Code Number068U4101
    TX Valve Orifice - Number2
    TX Valve SeriesTCAE

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