High Pressure Control KP6B Manual Reset SPDT 1/4"SAE (R410A) - 60519166

High Pressure Control KP6B Manual Reset SPDT 1/4"SAE (R410A)

Part Number: 60519166

High Pressure Control KP6B Manual Reset SPDT 1/4"SAE (R410A)

Part Number: 60519166

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    KP pressure switches are designed to protect refrigeration systems from:
    - excessively high discharge pressures
    - excessively low suction pressures
    - start / stop compressors
    - operate air-cooled condenser fans

    The enhanced contact system for 16A makes it possible to operate electrical motors up to 2 kW directly, without the use of contactors.
    KP pressure switches are available in IP30 and IP44 enclosures.
    Versions of the KP series are available for applications with HCFC and non-flammable HFC refrigerants, ammonia and hydrocarbons.

    All HCFC and non-flammable HFC refrigerants

    High reliability both electrically and mechanically-a KP switch can be connected directly to a single-phase AC motor of up to approximately 2 kW or installed in the control circuit of DC motors and large AC motors.
    Versions with IP30 enclosure rating can be updated to IP44 or IP55 enclosure rating using top cover (IP44) or IP55 enclosure (IP55) available as accessories.

  • Ambient Temperature Range-25°C to +65°C
    Contact FunctionSPDT
    Contact RatingAC15=10A 400V , AC1=16A 400V , AC3=16A 400V , DC13=12W 220V , LR=112A 400V
    Danfoss Code Number060-519191
    Differential Range4 bar (58 psig)
    Enclosure Rating IPIP30
    High Pressure ControlKP56B
    Maximum Test Pressure46.5 bar (675 psig)
    Maximum Working Pressure46.5 bar (675 psig)
    Pressure Connection1/4" Male Flare
    Product AccessoriesAngle Bracket
    RefrigerantsAll HCFC and non-flammable HFC refrigerants including R410A
    Regulation Range8 bar to 42 bar (116psig to 610 psig)
    Reset FunctionManual Max

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