Danfoss Electric Regulating Valve - CCMT 4 - 27H7201

Danfoss Electric Regulating Valve - CCMT 4

Part Number: 27H7201

Danfoss Electric Regulating Valve - CCMT 4

Part Number: 27H7201

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  • Danfoss Electric Regulating Valve - Type CCMT 2, 8, 16, 42

    One valve, 4 applications: HPV, GBV, EV and EPR

    The CCMT is an electrically operated valve designed specifically for operation in CO2 systems.

    The CCMT valve concept is designed to fulfil global refrigeration requirements. 

    The valve is capable of functioning either as an expansion valve, as a pressure regulator for the gascooler or as a gas bypass valve with back pressure regulation in transcritical or subcritical applications.


    • Designed for CO2 systems with maximum working pressure of 140 bar / 2030 psig.
    • Applicable to R744 (CO2) and other common refrigerants. The CCMT is compatible with the oil types PAG, POE and PVE.
    • Regulating cone ensures optimum regulating accuracy, particularly at part load.
    • Patented cone and balance design.
    • The PEEK seat provides excellent valve tightness and robustness.
    • Combined butt weld and solder connections.
    • Top part with built-in strainer / filter.
    • MOPD up to 90 bar / 1305 psi
    • CCMT 16 – CCMT 42 is available with or without integrated pressure transmitter.
    • Standard M12 connector for simple and flexible connection to the motor driver.
    • Low weight and compact design.
    • Easy to service. Insert easily taken out by removing top part.
    • For manual operation and service of the CCMT an AST-g service driver is available.
  • BrandDanfoss
    Connection Type5/8" Solder
    Danfoss Code Number027H7201
    Electric Regulating ValveCCMT 4
    Max Operating Pressure Differential90 bar (1305 psig)
    Maximum Working Pressure140 bar (2030 psig)
    RefrigerantsR134a, R744 (CO2)
  • Danfoss Electric Regulating Valve - CCMT 4

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