RLS Press Fitting - Elbow 45 Degree - 3/4" FF HNBR - PFE3445FFHNBR

RLS Press Fitting - Elbow 45 Degree - 3/4" FF HNBR

Part Number: PFE3445FFHNBR

RLS Press Fitting - Elbow 45 Degree - 3/4" FF HNBR

Part Number: PFE3445FFHNBR

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  • RLS Press Fittings were specifically designed and engineered to join copper tube in high-pressure HVAC and refrigeration systems. The patented RLS Press Fittings are fully registered and listed to UL207 for pressures up to 700 PSI.

    These first-of-their-kind fittings connect quickly and easily using an RLS-approved press tool and jaws, replacing the time-consuming practice of manually brazing joints. The pressing procedure is similar to the one used with water press fittings. RLS Press Fittings, however, were developed to withstand the high pressures found in HVAC/R systems.

    As easy as 1-2-3!

    RLS Press Fittings offer a simple, effective and economical method to create leak-free copper tube connections. The RLS pressing process is very straightforward, and can be completed with minimal training. Copper tube ends are first prepped the same way as with brazing. Then, in just 10 seconds, the press tool creates a permanent and reliable mechanical joint without the dangers of heat or flammable gas.


    • Connects in 10 seconds

    • UL listed to 700 psi

    • Huge labor and time savings

    • Less equipment required


    With the industry transitioning to flammable refrigerants, contractors using RLS Press Fittings will benefit from offering flame-free services and a safer work environment. Additional advantages include:

    • Hot work permits no longer needed
    • No fire spotters
    • No need to nitrogen purge
    • No dragging heavy equipment to the job site

    Add up all of the benefits – safer conditions, no fire hazards, and increased efficiencies – and RLS Press Fittings can offer huge cost and time savings, with far fewer headaches.

  • Box Quantity10
    Continuous Operating Temperature250°F / 121°C
    External Helium Leak Rate<7.5 x 10-7 Pa•m3/s at 20°C & 10 bar
    Maximum Rated Pressure (MRP)700 psi / 48 bar
    Minimum Burst Pressure (UL 207)2,100 psi / 145 bar
    O-Ring MaterialHBNR - Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
    O-Ring Temperature Rating-40°F to +300°F -40°C to +149°C
    Vacuum Pressure Capability<200 Microns
    Vibration ResistanceConforms to UL109
  • Dimensions (mm)

    A: 19.3

    B: 25.9

    C: 27.0

    D: 104.6

    E: 43.2

    RLS Press Fitting - Elbow 45 Degree - 3/4" FF HNBR

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