Danfoss ICS3 32 Main Valve 1-3/8" SA - 27H3033

Danfoss ICS3 32 Main Valve 1-3/8" SA

Part Number: 27H3033

Danfoss ICS3 32 Main Valve 1-3/8" SA

Part Number: 27H3033

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  • Danfoss Pilot-operated servo valve - Type ICS

    ICS pilot-operated servo valves belong to the ICV (Industrial Control Valve) family.

    The valve comprises three main components: valve body, function module and top cover.

    ICS pilot-operated servo valves are pilot operated valves for regulating pressure, temperature and ON/OFF function in refrigeration systems. ICS valves are designed for low and high-pressure refrigerants.

    The small sizes are designed for MWP of 65 bar, while large sizes have MWP of 52 bar.

    ICS valves can be used on the high and low pressure sides, in wet and dry suction lines and in liquid lines without phase change (i.e. where no expansion takes place in the valve).

    The function of ICS valves is dependent on the pilot pressure applied from either a pilot valve or external pilot pressure source.

    ICS 1 pilot has one pilot pressure connection and ICS 3 pilot has three pilot pressure connections.



    • Designed for industrial refrigeration applications for a maximum working pressure (MWP) of:
      • ICS DN25 to DN65 (80): 65 bar / 943 psig.
        • NOTE: Operating valve MWP is dependent on MWP of installed pilots.
      • ICS DN 100 to DN 150: 52 bar / 754 psig.
    • Applicable to HCFC, HFC, R717 (Ammonia) and R744 (CO2).
    • Direct coupled connections.
    • Connection types include butt weld, socket weld, solder and threaded connections.
    • Low temperature steel body.
    • Low weight and compact design.
    • V-port regulating cone ensures optimum regulating accuracy particularly at part load.
    • Function module has a QPQ surface treated insert and a steel piston ring ensuring precise control accuracy.
    • ICV 4 in., 5 in. and 6 in. ANSI with NPT threaded pressure outlet in the outlet of the valve.
    • Replaceable Teflon valve seat for ICS 25-80.
    • Maintenance spare part kit available for ICS 100-150.
    • Modular Concept:
      • Each valve body is available with several different connection types and sizes.
      • Valve overhaul on ICS 25-80 is done by replacing the function module.
      • Possible to convert ICS pilot-operated servo valve to ICM motor operated valve.
    • Manual opening.
    • The ICS valve is a multifunction valve where several pilot valves can be mounted into the pilot ports.
    • The standard range of pilot valves can be used on all sizes of ICS valves. Pilot valves can be either screwed directly into the ICS valve, thus eliminating the need for solder/weld connections or external pilot lines.
    • Pressure gauge connection port to measure valve inlet pressure.
    • The top cover can be rotated into any possible position without affecting the operation of the valve.
  • BrandDanfoss
    Danfoss Code Number027H3033
    Ext pilot pressure connectionWeld nipple (P2 Port)
    Inlet Connection1-3/8" Solder
    Kv value [m³/h]17 m³/h
    Maximum Working Pressure65 bar
    Outlet Connection1-3/8" Solder
    Pilot Pressure Connections3
    Temperature Range-60°C to 120°C
    TypePilot operated servo valve - ICS3 32
  • Danfoss ICS3 32 Main Valve 1-3/8" SA

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