ebm EC NIQ Motor - 30 Watt - ACW - NIQ3224

ebm EC NIQ Motor - 30 Watt - ACW

Part Number: NIQ3224

ebm EC NIQ Motor - 30 Watt - ACW

Part Number: NIQ3224

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  • ebm-papst NiQ Energy Saving Motors.


    Conventional shaded-pole motors have long since become a thing of the past as a choice of motor for condensers and evaporators. Thanks to the use of high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology the successful ebm-papst iQ motor range is far more intelligent, energy-saving and ecological. In the latest generation, the NiQ, ebm-papst have not only enhanced the existing advantages but have also added new ones.


    A logical further step.

    The NiQ is a further development based on its predecessors, the iQ and iQ². Improved winding technology, optimised material selection and know-how transferred from the heating technology sector have resulted in even better product features in many areas. With the plastic used, the motor qualifies for approval in applications involving incidential contact with foodstuffs (for example in open vegetable display cases).


    Unbeatably economical.

    When ebm-papst developed the NiQ they were not just looking for a more economical solution, they wanted to achieve even more efficiency as well. The use of GreenTech EC technology produces efficiency levels up to 70%, thus enormously reducing operating costs.

    In certain areas it was also possible to further optimize efficiency as compared to the iQ and iQ².


    A perfect substitute.

    The tremendous cost savings in relation to obsolete AC technology not only make ebm-papst NiQ motors the first choice for new installations – retrofitting in existing applications is also a worthwhile investment which pays for itself in no time at all. Replacing motors in older systems is a straight forward matter.

  • Brandebm-papst
    Lead Length2000mm
    Maximum Fan Blade Size254mm x 28°
    Motor TypeEC
    Speed1300 RPM
    Suitable Alternative ForIQ3620, EQ120
    Watt Output30 Watts
  • A: 91.5mm B: 43.5mm C: 38.5mm

    ebm EC NIQ Motor - 30 Watt - ACW

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