Coil Defender Enzyme Cleaner - 5L - CDENZ50004000

Coil Defender Enzyme Cleaner - 5L

Part Number: CDENZ50004000

Coil Defender Enzyme Cleaner - 5L

Part Number: CDENZ50004000
Coil Defender

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  • Coil Defender Enzyme Coil Cleaner

    Enzyme Coil Cleaner is a highly concentrated coil cleaner specifically designed to clean indoor and outdoor HVAC and refrigeration coils.



    • pH neutral, highly effective enzyme formulation
    • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly to use on indoor coils
    • Formulated to react with dirt, grease and organic deposits found in HVAC coils
    • Highly concentrated formulation mixes 50:1 with water
    • Odour free



    • Removes biological contamination and improves indoor air quality
    • Will not damage the heat exchange surface
    • No specialised equipment required
    • Safe to transport and store
    • Safe to wash down the drain


    Directions for Use:

    • Using the friendly measuring cap built into the bottle mix one part enzyme cleaner with 50 parts water
    • Apply cleaner using a garden sprayer starting from the top of the coil and allow to soak in
    • Apply cleaner both sides of the coil
    • Use 5 litres ready to use per 1 square metre of coil body
    • Allow the cleaner to stay on coil for 15-20 minutes for heavy soiled coils
    • Rinse of well with water and repeat if required.
  • BrandCoil Defender
    Size5 Litres

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