Fermod Pressure Relief Vent 75 - 150mm Panel - F2227

Fermod Pressure Relief Vent 75 - 150mm Panel

Part Number: F2227

Fermod Pressure Relief Vent 75 - 150mm Panel

Part Number: F2227

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  • The walls of a cold room are constantly subject to strains caused by pressure variations, either from inside or outside of the room. It is important to equalise the pressure when necessary otherwise the walls & ceiling are at risk of blowing out or in causing damage or possible injury.

    The F2227 Valve makes it possible to balance internal & external pressures through venting. It's mechanically operated valves (one intake and the other exhaust) has two water tight mobile flaps. This means that when not required the cold room is still sealed without precious cold air leaking out of the room and causing machinery to run more often. When pressure builds up the valves open and allow equalisation.

    The valve is fitted with an 8w heater which runs continuously and prevents the flaps from freezing.

    It is important to note that the F2227 Valve is designed for negative temperature cold rooms. if used for positive temperature cold room equalisation the heater should Not be connected to power.

    Ensure to read the information in the Installation Instructions.

    Draws 0.035 AMPs per Valve.

    This product replaces CRH-500 & F2220TN Models

    The only installation difference between the CRH-500 and the new Fermod Valve is that the new Valves only require an 80mm cut-out.

    The newly designed F2227 will offer the same performance of the CRH-500 but with a smaller footprint and include design improvements including upgraded heater wires and a more ergonomic design allowing for quicker, more efficient install.

  • BrandFermod
    TypePressure Relief Vent

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