Skope Shelf Clips - 12 pack - V097399K

Skope Shelf Clips - 12 pack

Part Number: V097399K

Skope Shelf Clips - 12 pack

Part Number: V097399K

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  • Skope Clip, Shelf, Plated FCP, Gold, for models B170; B280; B310; B380; B550; B580; B585; B660; B700; B780; B900; B1100; BC1200; B1350; BC1500; BB380; BB580; BB780; BME550; BME900; BME1100; Counterline; CC300; CC500; CC700; CL400; CL600; CL610; CL800; OD1100; PG1300; SK500; SK650; SK700; SK720; SK850; SK940; SK1000; SK1300; SK1500; SK1550; SK1700; SK2000; SKF1000; SL295; TME475; TME650; TME1000; TME1300; TME1500; VF650; VF1000; VF1300; VF1500

  • BrandSkope
    Suits ModelsB170, B280, B310, B380, B550, B580, B585, B660, B700, B780, B900, B1100, BC1200, B1350, BC1500, BB380, BB580, BB780, BME550, BME900, BME1100, Counterline, CC300, CC500, CC700, CL400, CL600, CL610, CL800, OD1100, PG1300, SK500, SK650, SK700, SK720, SK850, SK940, SK1000, SK1300, SK1500, SK1550, SK1700, SK2000, SKF1000, SL295, TME475, TME650, TME1000, TME1300, TME1500, VF650, VF1000, VF1300, VF1500
    TypeShelf Strips & Clips

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