Nitrogen D Size - 10 Litre WC - 0728010GAS

Nitrogen D Size - 10 Litre WC

Part Number: 0728010GAS

Nitrogen D Size - 10 Litre WC

Part Number: 0728010GAS

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  • Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN) is used for leak detection, strength and pressure testing and in helping to reduce oxidation when brazing.

    Applications include:

    • Commercial Refrigeration
    • Industrial Refrigeration
    • Commercial Air Conditioning
    • Industrial Air Conditioning
    • Domestic Air Conditioning

    Product Features & Benefits

    • Cylinder fitted with a non-return valve to ensure that the nitrogen supply is free of contaminants
    • A‑Gas OFN is 99.998% pure and has less than 10PPM oxygen and less than 2PPM moisture
    • A high pressure gas, use a certified nitrogen regulator
    • High impact guard made to EN1964 standard
    • Non-flammable and non-toxic compressed gas
    • Cylinder outlet connection is 5
    • 8” BSP Male Type 50, a standard fitting size for nitrogen regulators
    • It won’t contaminate a refrigeration system and prevents scale build up

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  • BrandA-Gas
    Packaging Quantity10 Litre
    Refrigerant TypeIndustrial Gas

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