Reclaim Cylinder - Small - Nominal 9kg - R32 Rated - SR32000

Reclaim Cylinder - Small - Nominal 9kg - R32 Rated

Part Number: SR32000

Reclaim Cylinder - Small - Nominal 9kg - R32 Rated

Part Number: SR32000

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  • Legislation in Australia prohibits the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere. According to the Australia and New Zealand Refrigerant Handling Code of Practice 2007, Fluorocarbon refrigerant must not be willingly released to the atmosphere by any person by any means where the release is avoidable, including:

    • Venting refrigerant directly, and
    • Charging refrigerant into equipment with identified leaks.

    Airefrig can supply cylinders dedicated to capturing refrigerant from systems including Reclaim and Pump Down cylinders.

    Reclaim cylinders are used for the sole purpose of returning used and/or contaminated refrigerant for responsible disposal.

    Pump Down cylinders are guaranteed to be internally clean and can be used for temporary refrigerant storage while a system is being serviced or repaired.

    This information is provided for guidance only. All refrigerant sales are subject to customers holding a current AU registration.

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