Permagum Sealing Compound - PP22

Permagum Sealing Compound

Part Number: PP22

Permagum Sealing Compound

Part Number: PP22

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  • Permagum Sealing Compound

    For window air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers.

    Properties of Permagum

    • Permanently pliable
    • Never hardens or gets brittle down to -29°C
    • Never flows or slumps at 176°C
    • Excellent adhesion to wood or metal surfaces
    • Non-corrosive to all metals and to rubber insulation
    • Non-injurious to skin
    • Free from odour and non-staining
    • Water, moisture and vapour resistant
    • Can be painted immediately
  • Weight2lb. (0.91kg)

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