Copeland Compressor 1PH Mineral Oil Rotalocks Included - CR18K6PFJ595

Copeland Compressor 1PH Mineral Oil Rotalocks Included

Part Number: CR18K6PFJ595

Copeland Compressor 1PH Mineral Oil Rotalocks Included

Part Number: CR18K6PFJ595

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    Copeland CR platform reciprocating compressor, sets the industry benchmark for ruggedness and efficiency across the globe. These highly efficient, silent and reliable CR compressors make them the best-in-class available models in the market. These compressors deliver superior performance, have a wide operating range, offer multiple electrical options and come with a host of other features.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Proven Copeland long term performance & reliability

    • High volumetric efficiency at high ambient conditions 

    • Optimised motors offer high energy efficiency and COP 

    • Designed for low noise, quiet operation

    • Charged with mineral oil

  • General Specifications
    Nominal HP1.5 HP
    Displacement36.4 m?/Hr
    Suction Line Connection1-1/4" 12UNF 5/8 ODF
    Discharge Line Connection1" 14UNF 3/8 ODF
    Connection Typerotalock
    Weight28 kg
    Oil Charge1.5 L
    Oil TypeMineral
    Oil Sight GlassYes
    ElectricsIncludes CSR Electrics & Box
    Electrical Specifications
    Motor TypeCSR
    Max Continuous Current11.5 amps
    Locked Rotor Amps45 amps
    Rated Load Amps8.2 amps
    Crankcase Heater240V 40W Wrap Around
    Main Winding Resistance1.74 OHMS (+/- 7%)
    Start Winding Resistance3.62 OHMS (+/- 7%)
  • Suction Service Valve2605102030
    Suction Service Gasket20002802
    Discharge Service Valve2605061620
    Discharge Service Gasket20002800
    Crankcase Heater018008800
    Start Capacitor014006127
    Run Capacitor014004815
  • Units Dimensions (mm)
  • R22
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    45Capacity (w)211027903850490060906850
    Input (w)102911461276137214341455
    Current (Amps)521106.16.56.97
    50Capacity (w)182024603460446056206330
    Input (w)101211451304142415131554
    Current (Amps)
    55Capacity (w)154021303060401050805780
    Input (w)97411281314146115841635
    Current (Amps)


    4.4 Deg Return Gas, no Sub-Cooling, 35 Deg Ambient
    Supplied with: Internal Motor Protection, Rubber Mounting Kit

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