Copeland Compressor 3PH Mineral Oil Rotalocks Included - CR38K6TFD595

Copeland Compressor 3PH Mineral Oil Rotalocks Included

Part Number: CR38K6TFD595

Copeland Compressor 3PH Mineral Oil Rotalocks Included

Part Number: CR38K6TFD595

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    Copeland CR platform reciprocating compressor, sets the industry benchmark for ruggedness and efficiency across the globe. These highly efficient, silent and reliable CR compressors make them the best-in-class available models in the market. These compressors deliver superior performance, have a wide operating range, offer multiple electrical options and come with a host of other features.

    Features and Benefits:

    • Proven Copeland long term performance & reliability

    • High volumetric efficiency at high ambient conditions 

    • Optimised motors offer high energy efficiency and COP 

    • Designed for low noise, quiet operation

    • Charged with mineral oil

  • General Specifications
    Nominal HP3 HP
    Displacement66.4 cm³/r
    Suction Line Connection1-1/4" 12UNF 3/4 ODF
    Discharge Line Connection1" 14UNF 3/8 ODF
    Connection Typerotalock
    Weight31 kg
    Oil Charge1.1 L
    Oil TypeMineral
    Oil Sight GlassYes
    Electrical Specifications
    Motor Type3PH
    Max Continuous Current8.2 amps
    Locked Rotor Amps42 amps
    Rated Load Amps5.9 amps
    Crankcase Heater240V 40W Wrap Around
    Line to Line Resistance3.78 OHMS (+/- 7%)
  • Suction Service Valve2605122030
    Suction Service Gasket20002802
    Discharge Service Valve2605061620
    Discharge Service Gasket20002800
    Thermal OverloadMT323K8
    Crankcase Heater018008800
  • copeland_CR_01

    Units Dimensions (mm)
  • copeland_3PH_03
  • R22
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    45Capacity (w)46506150785097501195012850
    Input (w)197022002390253026102620
    Current (Amps)4.246504.74.84.95
    50Capacity (w)41005550715090001105011900
    Input (w)198022702500268028002840
    Current (Amps)
    55Capacity (w)35504950650082501015010950
    Input (w)197023102590282029903040
    Current (Amps)


    4.4 Deg Return Gas, no Sub-Cooling, 35 Deg Ambient
    Supplied with: Internal Motor Protection, Rubber Mounting Kit

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