Cubigel Compressor R134a HMBP 1/5 HP 5.98cc High Efficiency - GLY60RAB

Cubigel Compressor R134a HMBP 1/5 HP 5.98cc High Efficiency

Part Number: GLY60RAB

Cubigel Compressor R134a HMBP 1/5 HP 5.98cc High Efficiency

Part Number: GLY60RAB

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  • Cubigel have produced more than 100 million compressors and have over 50 years of experience developing compressors for the commercial refrigeration market. Cubigel are focused on the development of quality compressors and condensing units which are supported by European manufacturing in Barcelona, Spain.

    With innovative research and development, Cubigel compressors are designed to optimize energy consumption in response to the issue of global warming. The high efficiency models reduce energy consumption of commercial refrigeration appliances by between 10% and 30%, with respect to standard ranges.

    Cubigel compressors range from 2.2cc up to 34cc and are available in a comprehensive range of refrigerants for today’s market. Due to this large range and a universal drop-in design, Cubigel compressors can be used as a replacement for most common compressors.

    Contact your local Airefrig Australia branch and a sales engineer will assist you with selecting a Cubigel compressor that is appropriate for your application.

  • General Specifications
    Nominal HP1/5 hp
    Displacement5.98 cm³
    FanFan Cooled
    Suction Line Connection6.5 mm
    Charge Line Connection6.5 mm
    Discharge Line Connection4.9 mm
    Connection Typestub tube
    Weight10.6 kg
    Oil Charge300 ml
    Oil TypeISO VG 32 Ester
    Electrical Specifications
    Voltage220-240 / 1 / 50 Hz
    Motor TypeCSR
    Max Continuous Current2.5 amps
    Locked Rotor Amps8.5 amps
    Rated Load Amps1.13 amps
    Main Winding Resistance12.45 Ω @ 25 ºC
    Start Winding Resistance23.05 Ω @ 25 ºC
  • Start Capacitor102660
    Run Capacitor102253
  • cubigel_d3
  • R134A
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    45Capacity (w)136186248320405500608727
    Input (w)104119134149165180196212
    Current (Amps)0.640.70.760.820.880.941.011.08
    50Capacity (w)127172228297377469571686
    Input (w)105121138155172189206223
    Current (Amps)0.650.710.770.840.910.981.051.13
    55Capacity (w)116157209273349436535644
    Input (w)106124142160178197216235
    Current (Amps)0.650.720.790.860.941.011.091.18


    Operating Conditions ASHRAE
    Based on +46 ºC Liquid temp & +35 ºC Suction gas

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