Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor 2CES-4Y - 2CES4Y

Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor 2CES-4Y

Part Number: 2CES4Y

Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor 2CES-4Y

Part Number: 2CES4Y

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    The new BITZER ECOLINE series offers highly efficient all-purpose compressors which meet the challenging demands of modern refrigeration systems. 

    The ECOLINE series has now been extended to all models and the optimisation package has been developed further for universal use with different refrigerants – at the same time extending the operating ranges. 

    The refrigerants include: R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R513A, R22, R449A, R507A, R450A, R1234yf, R1234ze.

    The compressors are already designed for operation with "Low-GWP" HFO refrigerants and HFO-/HFC blends.   

    The coefficient of performance (COP) of the new ECOLINE models has been improved by an average of 6% up to a maximum of 12% compared with preceding series. 

    This is not achieved with a single component, but by optimising the valve plates, reducing flow losses and discharge gas pulsation as well as specially adapted highly efficient motors with broad band characteristics. 

    Each ECOLINE is compatible with its predecessor compressor.  These predecessor compressors can be substituted without the need for modifying the system. 

    Whereas many of the major internal components have been redesigned, the outer shape has remained virtually unchanged: the same outer dimensions, unchanged mounting points, valve and sensor positions, connections for oil and gas equalisation, as well as for oil level regulators. 

    Motor version 2 covers the classic refrigeration applications – medium and low temperature refrigeration – with one single product. In many cases it can thus replace a predecessor compressor with motor version 1. 

    For supermarket applications with R134a, a version with specially adapted motor is available for the ECOLINE models CE4, BE5 and BE6 – motor version 3 – in addition to motor version 2. 

    Motor version 3 has been specially designed for the pressure levels of R134a and focuses on applications in the medium temperature refrigeration range in modern systems. 

    For compressors with motor version 3, the standard motor can be operated with a frequency inverter up to 70 Hz (for mains voltage 400V/3/50Hz). 


    Extended application range:

    ● R134a up to tc = 85°C 

    ● R404A and R507A up to tc = 62°C 


    Energy efficient high cooling capacity and minimum energy requirement: 

    ● Highly efficient working valves 

    ● Minimum clearance volume 

    ● Efficient, large-volume motor 

    ● Reduced flow losses at low condensing temperatures 


    Wear resistant drive gear: 

    ● Surface hardened eccentric shaft and crankshaft 

    ● Low friction bearings and aluminium pistons 

    ● Hard chrome plated piston rings 


    Quiet with low vibration:

    ● Optimized mass balance 

    ● Low discharge gas pulsations due to special cylinder head design 


    Minimum space requirement:

    ● Very compact design 



    ● Solid valve plate design 

    ● Valves made of impact resistant spring steel 

    ● Wear resistant drive gear 


    Efficient capacity control: 

    ● Cylinder shut-off or VSD capacity control possible 

    ● Cylinder shut-off possible from 18 m3/h displacement (50 Hz) on   

    – 4 cylinder compressor: 50%   

    – 6 cylinder compressor: 66% / 33%   

    – 8 cylinder compressor: 75% / 50% 

    ● CRII cylinder heads allow for stepless capacity control from 100% to 10% when fitted to all cylinder banks of 4 and 6 cylinder compressors (solenoid valves, coils and CRII system controller required eg. Bitzer CM-RC-01).

    ● Tandem compressors from 22,7 m3/h to 303 m3/h (50 Hz) 

    ● Approved parallel operation 

    ● VSD capacity control from 25 to 70 Hz – subject to conditions


  • General Specifications
    Motor Version1
    Displacement16.2 m³/Hr
    Motor SeriesCE2
    Number of Cylinders2
    Suction Line Connection7/8 "
    Discharge Line Connection5/8 "
    Weight70 kg
    Oil Charge1.5 L
    Oil TypeBSE-32 Ester Oil
    Electrical Specifications
    Voltage380-420 / 3 / 50 Hz
    Motor TypeDOL
    Max Operating Amps10 amps
    Crankcase Heater0 - 120 watt 230 volt PTC Self Regulating Crankcase Heater
  • bitzer_semi_ce2

    Units Dimensions (mm)
    1High pressure connection (HP)
    2Discharge gas temperature sensor (HP) or CIC sensor
    3Low pressure connection (LP)
    4CIC System: spray nozzle (LP)
    5Oil fill plug
    6Oil drain
    7Oil filter (magnetic screw)
    8Oil return (oil separator)
    9AGas equalisation (parallel operation)
    9BOil equalisation (parallel operation)
    10Crankcase heater
    11Oil pressure connection +
    12Oil pressure connection -
    16Connection for oil monitoring (oil sensor or differential oil pressure switch “Delta-P”)
    21Connection for oil service valve
  • R134A
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    60Capacity (w)218029403840490061507600929011250
    Input (w)17001990228025802880317034403690
    70Capacity (w)16702310306039605010624076509290
    Input (w)16902000234026903040340037404080
    80Capacity (w)1650226029803830482059507250
    Input (w)1960233027203120354039604370


    400v / 3 / 50Hz , 20 Deg Return Gas, no Sub-Cooling
    Require additional cooling &/or return vapour limitations.
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    30Capacity (w)25003420450057707250896010950132501589018920
    Input (w)1680195022302490274029603150331034203490
    40Capacity (w)2000279037304830611075909310112801355016150
    Input (w)1700202023502680300033103590384040604240
    50Capacity (w)145021102890381048806120754091801106013190
    Input (w)1650202024002790318035603920427045804860


    400v / 3 / 50Hz , 20 Deg Return Gas, no Sub-Cooling
    Require additional cooling &/or return vapour limitations.
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    30Capacity (w)25003420450057707250896010950132501589018920
    Input (w)1680195022302490274029603150331034203490
    40Capacity (w)2000279037304830611075909310112801355016150
    Input (w)1700202023502680300033103590384040604240
    50Capacity (w)145021102890381048806120754091801106013190
    Input (w)1650202024002790318035603920427045804860


    400v / 3 / 50Hz , 20 Deg Return Gas, no Sub-Cooling
    Require additional cooling &/or return vapour limitations.
  • Bitzer Scope of Supply - CE2 Compressors (380‐420V Y‐3‐50‐Hz)

    • Crankcase heater 200‐260V‐120W PTC
    • Motor Protection SE‐B3
    • Suction & Discharge shut‐off valves
    • 4 x Vibration dampers
    • Enclosure class IP66
    • BSE‐32 Ester Oil

    Information correct at time of publishing, subject to change without notice.

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