Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor 6DTE-50K-45P CO2 - 6DTE50K45P

Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor 6DTE-50K-45P CO2

Part Number: 6DTE50K45P

Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor 6DTE-50K-45P CO2

Part Number: 6DTE50K45P

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    BITZER’s CO₂ compressors have also been setting benchmarks in transcritical CO₂ applications for many years. The series was revised to increase its efficiency once again, and optimise the suction gas flow control and the valve plates. The ECOLINE TE compressors also boast tailored motors for a wide range of applications with the natural refrigerant CO₂. But what hasn’t changed is one tried-and-tested characteristic: its high reliability makes the ECOLINE TE series a natural addition to BITZER’s selection of CO₂ compressors.


    Expanded capacity range

    - New models with up to 38.2 m³/h


    Housing with pressure strength and no bottom plate. Maximum allowable pressures:

    - High pressure side up to 160 bar

    - Low pressure side down to 100 bar

    - Wear-resistant drive gear with advanced multi-layer bearings


    High energy efficiency

    - Suction gas-cooled motor – well suited for speed control

    - Particularly efficient working valves, special drive gear geometry

    - Cylinder heads with separate, thermally insulated high and low-pressure chambers


    Wide application range

    - Transcritical and subcritical operation modes possible


    Two, four and six-cylinder configurations

    - Quiet and low vibration

    - Optimal for operation with a frequency inverter designed to control capacity

    - Low oil carry over thanks to centrifugal lubrication


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