Copeland Stream Semi-Hermetic Compressor 3PH Rotalock - 4MT122XAWMD

Copeland Stream Semi-Hermetic Compressor 3PH Rotalock

Part Number: 4MT122XAWMD

Copeland Stream Semi-Hermetic Compressor 3PH Rotalock

Part Number: 4MT122XAWMD

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    Emerson Climate Technologies Stream, a line of semi-hermetic 4 and 6 cylinder compressors. The Series provides best in class performance for today’s HFC based and uprising natural and low GWP refrigerants, significantly reducing cost of operation and environmental impact compared to competing products. With advanced protection and diagnostics features for system reliability, reduced service costs and increase equipment uptime, the Stream series is built to last in today’s modern changing world. 

    Features and Benefits:

    • Best-in-class seasonal efficiencies, up to 15% higher than semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors known in the market 

    • Reduced sound level for quiet operation up to 7dBA 

    • Reduced dimensions and weight by up to 45 kg 

    • Wide operating envelope, one model fits all refrigeration applications, medium and low temperature 

    • Availability of 2 motor versions per displacement 

    • No cooling fan required for low temperature (0°C Suction Gas Return Temperature) to keep applied cost low 

    • Extremely low condensing temperatures for increased system efficiency 

    • Emerson CoreSense Diagnostics technology providing advanced protection & diagnostics to ensure long compressor lifetime 

    • Protection and sensing devices pre-installed to reduce applied system cost 

    • Current sensor allowing for individual compressor power monitoring to stay on top of energy costs 

    • Integrated status LEDs for local communication via colour and flash codes 

    • Remote communication via Modbus® for faster service 

    • For CoreSense Diagnostics see separate data sheet for full details 

    All Stream compressors are released for two different options of capacity modulation: 

    • Variable speed release from 30 to 70 Hz for capacity modulation related energy savings 

    • Continuous modulation from 50–100% (4-cylinder) and 33–100% (6-cylinder) ensuring a perfect match of capacity to refrigeration load

  • BrandCopeland

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