Karyer V-Type Air Cooled Condenser - 6 x 800mm EC Fans - 43bar - KC332VT6800EC3B43

Karyer V-Type Air Cooled Condenser - 6 x 800mm EC Fans - 43bar

Part Number: KC332VT6800EC3B43

Karyer V-Type Air Cooled Condenser - 6 x 800mm EC Fans - 43bar

Part Number: KC332VT6800EC3B43

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  • KC 43bar Series V-Type Remote Air Cooled Condensers with EC fan motors

    Karyer KC 43bar Series V-Type remote air cooled condensers are designed in a compact V shape for high efficiency to provide professional solutions for projects utilising R410A refrigerant.

    The V-Type condensers are highly efficient heat exchangers that provide an extremely small footprint for the large capacity ranges offered.

    KC 43bar series condensers are supplied with corrugated aluminium fin surface and optimum tube diameters for excellent heat transfer in order to increase efficiency.

    They are supplied with 2.1mm fin spacings and have a maximum operating pressure of 43 bar suitable for R410A.

    These condensers are supplied with the latest EC fan technology utilising ebm three phase 800mm EC fan motor assemblies which are renowned worldwide for quality, reliability with high energy savings performance.


    The KC V-Type 43bar series standard features:

    • Quality three phase 800mm ebm EC fan motor assemblies.
    • High performance coils with an extremely small footprint for capacities offered.
    • Coils are designed with a maximum operating pressure of 43 bar.
    • Aluminium corrugated fin surface with 2.1mm spacings and high-performance copper tube.
    • Condensers are supplied with Hydrophilic fin treatment.
    • Fan motors individually pre-wired to an electrical connection box.
    • Stainless steel fasteners - screws, nuts & bolts etc.
    • Panels are galvanised sheet coated in Traffic White (RAL 9016) electrostatic powder coating.
  • Condenser Specifications
    Heat Exchange Surface Area600 m²
    Internal Tube Volume128.6 dm³
    Fin Spacing2.1 mm
    Maximum Pressure43 bar
    Inlet Connections2 x 42 mm
    Outlet Connections2 x 35 mm
    Weight UnpackedTBA kg
    Weight PackedTBA kg
    Fan Motor Specifications
    Fan Motor Qty6
    Fan Diameter800 mm
    Fan Motor TypeEC Fan
    Fan Maximum Speed940 RPM
    Fan Motor - High Speed
    Air Flow132696 m³/hr
    Total Watts11700 watts
    Total Amps (400V / 3 / 50Hz)18.6 amps
  • ebm Fan MotorsW3G800KS3903
  • Karyer_KCV_EC_DDKC6B43

    Units Dimensions (mm)
  • R410A
    TD @ 10 KTD
    Fan Speed (RPM)


    Based on 43°C Ambient & 53°C Condensing Temperature

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