Enthalpy EB Basic Cond Unit- 3Ø - 20HP - STD - EB4NES20AR72STD

Enthalpy EB Basic Cond Unit- 3Ø - 20HP - STD

Part Number: EB4NES20AR72STD

Enthalpy EB Basic Cond Unit- 3Ø - 20HP - STD

Part Number: EB4NES20AR72STD

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  • Enthalpy Semi Hermetic EB Series Basic Units

    STD - EB Basic Units

    Standard Features

    • Bitzer Ecoline Semi Hermetic Compressor
    • Oil Level Monitor (OLC-K1 or Delta PII)
    • Compressor Crankcase Oil Sight Glass
    • Crankcase Heater
    • Flat Unit Base (AR72)
    • Service Shut Off Valves
    • Discharge Vibration Eliminator
    • Gomax Flexible Control Hoses
    • Liquid Line Drier & Sight Glass
    • Suction Accumulator
    • Liquid Receiver
    • Weatherproof Electrical Box
    • Pre-Wired to Electrical Box
    • Three Phase Contactors
    • Electronic Motor Protection Relays - (Phase Loss & Phase Imbalance Protection)
    • Dual Pressure Control
    • Oil Separator – Internal float
  • Condensing Unit Specifications
    Liquid Line Connection3/4 "
    Suction Line Connection1-3/8 "
    Receiver Capacity R404A34 Kg
    Max Continuous Current33.2 Amps
    Voltage380-400V / 3 / 50Hz
    Motor TypeP.W.S.
    Crankcase HeaterPTC 240V / 1 / 50Hz

    Note: Bitzer Crankcase Heaters are internal PTC self-regulating 230 volts.

  • Compressor Model4NES20Y
    Compressor ContactorMC22B240V
    Compressor Electronic OverloadGMP223P22A
    Circuit Breaker Control CircuitPLSMD10
    Oil Separator (Internal Float)EOS1011
    Liquid ReceiverHHR018
    Receiver Outlet ValveR052FB4DS
    Receiver Outlet Gasket020002802PK
    Receiver Inlet ValveR053FB7DS
    Receiver Inlet Gasket020002802PK
    Unit Electrical BoxEUR604015
    Liquid Line DrierTBA
    Liquid Line Sight GlassSA16S
    Suction Accumulator1010854P
    Unit Start Delay TimerICM105
    Compressor Oil Monitor34733403
    Liquid Line Drier ShellNFDS487
    Liquid Line Drier CoreRC4864
    Dual Pressure ControlDNSD306X
  • enthalpy_eb_b
  • (EB14)EB12-20hp-AR72STD(15
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