Cubigel Cond Unit High Efficiency HMBP 1Ø CSR 1/4HP - CGLY90RAB3N

Cubigel Cond Unit High Efficiency HMBP 1Ø CSR 1/4HP

Part Number: CGLY90RAB3N

Cubigel Cond Unit High Efficiency HMBP 1Ø CSR 1/4HP

Part Number: CGLY90RAB3N

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  • Cubigel Hermetic Flat Base Condensing Units

    Airefrig Australia’s range of Cubigel condensing units are one of the highest quality fractional horsepower units available for the Australian market. The condensing units have many standard fitted features.

    The condensing units are rated to 43°C ambient. Compatible with most Common Refrigerants and Modern Low GWP Refrigerants. High efficiency Compressor model’s reduce energy consumption between 10%-30% compared to standard Compressors (CSR/CSIR).

    The Cubigel condensing unit is the most cost-effective fractional HP condensing unit available ranging in Compressor Displacements from 5.98 cm³ to 34.42 cm³. Suitable for High, Medium or Low Temperature Applications.

    Now available with optional factory fitted Drier, Sight glass and Dual Pressure Control saving time in installation for contractors.

    Standard Fitted Features:
    • Liquid Receiver
    • Galvanised Black Powder Coated Unit Base
    • ebm-papst Condenser Fans

    Options Fitted to Model's with P/N ending in 6PN:

    • Danfoss Drier
    • Danfoss Sight Glass
    • Danfoss Dual LP/HP Pressure control
    • Gomax flexible control hoses

  • Condensing Unit Specifications
    Weight19.5 Kg
    Liquid Line Connection1/4 "
    Suction Line Connection3/8 "
    Receiver Capacity0.9 L
    Nominal HP1/4 HP
    Max Continuous Current3.2 Amps
    Locked Rotor Amps11 Amps
    Voltage240V / 1 / 50Hz
    Motor TypeCSR
    Fan Motors
    Diameter230 mm
    Voltage240V / 1 / 50Hz
  • Units Dimensions (mm)
  • R513A
    Ambient (°C)Refrigeration Capacity (w)
    Evaporating Temperature (°C)


    Performance data based on 20°C return gas & inherent sub cooling
    Ambient (°C)Refrigeration Capacity (w)
    Evaporating Temperature (°C)


    Performance data based on 35°C return gas (ASHRAE conditions)

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