Danfoss Condensing Unit L/HBP 1Ø - 3/8HP - SC15GXT2

Danfoss Condensing Unit L/HBP 1Ø - 3/8HP

Part Number: SC15GXT2

Danfoss Condensing Unit L/HBP 1Ø - 3/8HP

Part Number: SC15GXT2

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  • Danfoss Condensing Units

    Danfoss condensing units are available for use with R134a, R404A & R507 refrigerants. Other refrigerant options are available upon request.

    The Danfoss Black Star range of units are suitable for light commercial applications such as display counters, small cold rooms and catering appliances etc.

  • Condensing Unit Specifications
    Weight19.6 Kg
    Liquid Line Connection1/4 flare
    Suction Line Connection3/8 flare
    Total RLA3.39 Amps
    Receiver Capacity R134A0 Kg
    Nominal HP3/8 HP
    Voltage198-254V / 1 / 50Hz
    Motor TypeCSIR
    Fan Motors
    Diameter254 mm
    Voltage220V / 1 / 50Hz 16w
  • danfoss_SC

    Units Dimensions (mm)
  • R134A
    Ambient (°C)Refrigeration Capacity (w)
    Evaporating Temperature (°C)


    Capacities @ 32ºC ambient based on CECOMAF conditions: Suction Gas Temperature +32ºC, Temperature of refrigerant @ condenser outlet is subcooled within the condensing limits of the unit.
    No receiver or service valves fitted.

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