Enthalpy TD Semi Cond Unit-3Ø 5HP. 50% CapCon. - TD4FES5MP273U

Enthalpy TD Semi Cond Unit-3Ø 5HP. 50% CapCon.

Part Number: TD4FES5MP273U

Enthalpy TD Semi Cond Unit-3Ø 5HP. 50% CapCon.

Part Number: TD4FES5MP273U

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  • Enthalpy TD Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units

    Airefrig Australia’s range of Enthalpy condensing units is one of the highest quality units available for the Australian market. The condensing units have many standard fitted features, previously being options.

    The condensing units are rated to 43 ambient and are fitted with a fan speed controller. This means they can be applied in the hot climate of far North Queensland to the cooler areas of Tasmania.

    The Enthalpy condensing unit is the most complete condensing unit available saving time in installation for contractors.

    Standard Fitted Features:

    • Weatherproof White Powder coated unit casing
    • Semi-Hermetic Bitzer Compressors
    • Compressor oil sight glass
    • Crankcase Heater
    • HP/LP Control
    • Gomax Flexible Control Hoses
    • Liquid Line Drier & Sight Glass
    • Oil separator (Pre-charged with Poe oil)
    • Liquid Receiver• Supercoatcondenser treatment (5000 Hour Salt Spray Test)
    • Top Discharge High Ambient Condenser
    • Space saving unit design (Can be installed into a corner or back to back)
    • ebm-papst condenser Fans – single Phase
    • Saginomiya Condenser Fan Speed Controller
    • 3PH Contactor & Electronic Motor Protection Relay
    • Phase Loss & Phase Imbalance Protection
    • Dust & Weatherproof Electrical Box
    • Pre-Wired Back to Electrical Box
    • 1.22mm (18G) Interconnecting Copper Pipe Work
    • Pre-Drilled ready to fit IPW series isolating switch
    • Discharge Vibration Eliminator
    • Suction Accumulator
  • BrandEnthalpy

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