Optyma Plus Condensing Unit - Med Temp - 1Ø 7/8HP - OPMPYM018AJP00G

Optyma Plus Condensing Unit - Med Temp - 1Ø 7/8HP

Part Number: OPMPYM018AJP00G

Optyma Plus Condensing Unit - Med Temp - 1Ø 7/8HP

Part Number: OPMPYM018AJP00G

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  • Danfoss Optyma Plus Condensing Units

    With Danfoss, you get more than reliable solutions for cold rooms. Contractor-friendly products built with market leading expertise that are tailored to suit the local ambient conditions and regulations to save on installation and maintenance. Make the right choice for optimum protection of perishables, efficient operation and long lifespan.

    Main Product Features

    Outdoor Applications

    • Weatherproof housing
    • Robust and resistant to corrosion
    • Compact design with hinged access doors
    • Space saving stack mounting option

    Quiet Operation

    • Acoustic dampening insulation
    • Low noise fan - day/night speed operation
    • Highly optimized fan blade for noise reduction

    Micro Channel Condenser Coil

    • High efficiency
    • Less refrigerant charge
    • Longer life time & easy cleaning

    Optyma Plus Electronic Controller

    • Parameter monitoring & control
    • Plug & play - parameters are already set up
    • Built in clock option with power reserve
    • Compressor ON/OFF control
    • Intelligent fan speed control
    • Crankcase heater control
    • Condensing pressure transducer
    • Suction pressure transducer
    • Ambient temperature sensor
    • Discharge temperature sensor
    • Suction temperature sensor
    • Alarm contacts

    Optional control items

    • Auxiliary temperature sensor
    • Room thermostat

    Standard Features

    • Suitable for use on Multiple Refrigerants
      (R452A, R134a, R513A, R448A, R449A, R407A, R407F, R404A/R507)
    • Five Low Temp Models with Liquid Injection for R448A/R449A
    • Dedicated Low & Medium Temperature Units
    • Reciprocating & Scroll Compressors
    • Compressor Oil Sight Glass
    • Shut Off Ball Valves
    • High Efficiency Fan Motors
    • Hi Pressure & Low Pressure Switches
    • Drier & Sight Glass
    • Liquid Receiver
    • IP54 Pre-Wired Electrical Box
  • BrandDanfoss
  • Micro Channel Heat Exchanger technology | A whole new level of system efficiency

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