Optyma Plus Unit - Filter Drier DML166 - DML166

Optyma Plus Unit - Filter Drier DML166

Part Number: DML166

Optyma Plus Unit - Filter Drier DML166

Part Number: DML166

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  • Danfoss ELIMINATOR® Hermetic Filter Drier - Type DML

    All ELIMINATOR® driers have a solid core with binding material held to an absolute minimum.Type DML driers have a core composition of 100% Molecular Sieve.

    ELIMINATOR® type DML driers are designed for applications requiring the highest moisture capacity.



    The Core type DML

    • 100% 3Å Molecular Sieve core
    • High drying capacity minimizing the risk of acid formation (hydrolysis)
    • Recommended for use with R134a, R404A, R32,R410A, R407C, R23, R600, R600a,R1234yf, R1234ze, R407f, R290, R452A,R444B, R449A, R448A and R450A refrigerants
    • Will not deplete oil additives

    The Shell

    • PED approved for PS 46 bar
    • Available with flare and solder (pure copper) connections
    • Corrosion resistant powder-painted finish
    • Allows installation with any orientation provided the arrow is in the flow direction
    • Available in sizes 1.5 – 75 cubic inches

    The Filter

    • 25 μm (0.001 in.) filter provides high retention with minimal pressure drop
    • Thermally stable up to 120°C
  • Acid Capacity1.2g
    Inlet Connection3/4" Flare
    Maximum Working Pressure46 bar
    Net Volume0.226 L
    Outlet Connection3/4" Flare
    Solid Core Surface183 cm²
    Solid Core Volume128 cm³
    Temperature Range-40°C to 70°C
  • A: 110mm A1: 55mm A2: 55mm L: 182mm D1: 80mm D2: 76mm

    Optyma Plus Unit - Filter Drier DML166

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