Karyer Low Temp EVD Evap 7.0mm Fin Spacing - 2 x 500mm Fan - EAL153E2500EVD

Karyer Low Temp EVD Evap 7.0mm Fin Spacing - 2 x 500mm Fan

Part Number: EAL153E2500EVD

Karyer Low Temp EVD Evap 7.0mm Fin Spacing - 2 x 500mm Fan

Part Number: EAL153E2500EVD

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  • EA Series Evaporators

    The Karyer EA series evaporators are specially designed for a wide variety of small to large commercial refrigeration applications such as coolrooms and freezer rooms.

    The EA series evaporators have a professional and fresh white case finish that will compliment any installation project in the Australian marketplace.

    These evaporators are designed with optimum tube diameters that ensure the smallest refrigerant charges coupled with maximum increased efficiency and excellent oil return.

    The fin spacings offered have been selected to ensure a finely tuned balance that will provide trouble free operation with the most efficient cooling effect for correctly engineered applications.

    • Medium Temperature: 4.2mm fin spacing
    • Low Temperature: 7.0mm fin spacing

    The three phase AC evaporator fan assemblies are ebm who are renowned worldwide for quality and reliability. These fan motors have been selected in 500mm diameters specifically to match what has been considered standard sizing and most commonly used for many years in the Australian market.

    The EA series standard features:

    • Factory fitted with EVD-ice Z valves including Ultra Cap
      • (except models EAM351A3500, EAM372A3500 & EAM440A4500)
    • Stainless Steel fittings (screws, nuts & bolts etc)
    • White powder coated aluminium case panels
    • White powder coated mounting feet
    • Standard coils are designed for multiple refrigerants
    • High performance circuitry with Venturi-type distributor technology
    • Aluminium fins and high-performance copper tube for excellent heat transfer
    • Fin spacings for specific applications (Medium temp: 4.2mm / Low temp: 7.0mm)
    • Access doors aluminium powder coated on both ends - hinged and removable
    • Quality defrost heaters to ensure efficient defrost - low temp models only
    • Two wire defrost heater safety termination thermostats (5.0amp) - low temp models only
    • High quality three phase 500mm ebm AC fan motor assemblies
    • Fan motors and defrost heaters pre-wired back to electrical connection boxes


  • Evaporator Specifications
    Weight Unpacked105 kg
    Weight Packed133 kg
    Suction Connection1-5/8 "
    Liquid Connection5/8 "
    Tube Volume21 dm³
    Fin Spacing7 mm
    Air Flow
    Air Flow14582 m³/h
    Air Throw - STD Fan20.6 m
    Fan Motors
    Voltage400 / 3 / 50 Hz
    Diameter500 mm
    Total Watts1680 watts
    Total Amps2.9 amps
    Defrost Heaters
    Voltage230 / 1 / 50 Hz
    Total Watts16280 watts
    Total Amps70.4 amps
  • Coil Heater SetD90059
    Defrost Safety Termination ThermostatD92041
    Drain PanD140446
    EVD-ice Valves - Driver ModuleEVDM011S60
    EVD-ice Valves - Pressure TransmitterSPKT0013P3
    EVD-ice Valves - Replacement Motor / StatorE2VSTA0330
    EVD-ice Valves - Ultracap Resin ModuleEVDMU00R10
    EVD-ice Valves - Valve CartridgeE2VATT35Z0
    Pan Heater SetD90059
    Side Panel with Two Hinges - HeaderD140463
    Side Panel with Two Hinges - Opposite SideD140465
    ebm Fan MotorsS4D500AM0301
  • Karyer_EA-D11

    Units Dimensions (mm)
    C630 ±5
    DrainR1 1/4" Thread (32mm ID Ø)
  • R404A
    Capacity (w) @ 6 KTD
    SST (?C)


    Capacities bases on Fin Series 7
    Capacity (w) @ 6 KTD
    SST (?C)


    Capacities bases on Fin Series 7
    Capacity (w) @ 6 KTD
    SST (?C)


    Capacities bases on Fin Series 7
    Capacity (w) @ 6 KTD
    SST (?C)


    Capacities bases on Fin Series 7

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