Bitzer Mini-Rack 4 x 4DES7Y 3PH - MINI44DES7

Bitzer Mini-Rack 4 x 4DES7Y 3PH

Part Number: MINI44DES7

Bitzer Mini-Rack 4 x 4DES7Y 3PH

Part Number: MINI44DES7

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    BITZER's multiple compressor mini racks offer high flexibility and a variety of capacity range on a compact platform. They are designed and manufactured to offer a reduced installation time and minimum maintenance time made possible through easy service access and isolation points for all major components .


    • Two, three or four compressor racks
    • Suction gas header with liquid floodback protection
    • Suction demountable filters
    • Fully insulated suction lines
    • Vertical liquid receiver
    • Demountable liquid line drier, sight glass assembly
    • High efficient oil Separator with oil level sight glass
    • Oil filter assembly
    • Non adjustable high pressure safety switch per compressor
    • Oil return sight glass
    • Anti vibration mounting pads
    • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality control
    • Fully wired switch board and controller


    • CRII capacity control
    • CM-RC-01 Module
    • Compressor head fan
    • Adjustable compressor safety switch
  • BrandBitzer
    Crankcase Heater480W
    Discharge Line Connection1-5/8"
    Displacement m3/h107.36
    Liquid Line Connection4 x 7/8"
    Max. Operating Current66.0 amps
    Max. Power Consumption35.6kW
    Motor Connection Voltage380-420VY/3/50Hz
    Number of Compressors4
    Receiver Inlet Connection1-5/8"
    Suction Line Connection4 x 1-3/8"


    Use E10105 for Electrical

  • A: 2600mm B: 800mm C: 800mm D: 360mm E: 940mm F: 30mm G: 740mm

    Bitzer Mini-Rack 4 x 4DES7Y 3PH

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