Blackmax Digital Torque Wrench - BTLDTW

Blackmax Digital Torque Wrench

Part Number: BTLDTW

Blackmax Digital Torque Wrench

Part Number: BTLDTW

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  • BlackMax ® Digital Torque Wrench

    Ideal for HVAC mini-split installations or where OEM-specified torque settings are critical, the BlackMax® digital torque wrench exceeds the capabilities of mechanical-only torque wrenches by offering a variety of user-friendly features in a lightweight, durable and ergonomic housing.

    The BTLDTW Digital Torque Wrench stores 5 factory and 5 user-defined presets, and is able to simultaneously display stored vs. actual torque values. Large display numbers prevent misreading torque data, a common problem when using wrenches without digital displays. View “Peak” and “Track” torque data with audible (tone), visual (LED) and tactile (vibration) “torque alerts” to prevent over-tightening by providing advance warning when approaching or exceeding predefined torque settings.


    BTLDTW Digital Torque Wrench Key Features:

    • Ensures OEM torque setting compliance
    • Ideal for HVAC mini-split installations
    • Jaw opening: 3/16”to 1-7/16” (5 to 35mm)
    • Torque settings: Lbf.ft,, N-m, Kgf.m
    • Pre-set and actual torque values:- View both same time
    • LED Torque Alerts: Green= within 50-98%, Red= within 2%
    • Memory Presets: 5 common, 5 open for custom torque values
    • Track mode – View real-time torque value reached during use
    • Peak mode – Maximum torque value reached is stored temporarily
    • Auto-Off (Selectable): Conserves battery life
    • Display light key
  • Accuracy± 2%(clockwise and counter-clockwise of reading, 10% to 100% of full scale)
    Battery Life with Display & Backlight Constant OnApprox. 96 hours
    Battery Life with Display Constant OnApprox. 120 hours
    CPS RangeBlackmax
    Faster ToneWithin +- 2 N-m of programmed torque value
    Green LED FlashesWithin 50% to 98% of programmed torque (in Peak or Track mode)
    Intermittent ToneWithin +-5N-m of programmed torque value
    Jaw Opening3/16" – 1-3/8" (5 - 35 mm)
    Operating Temperature0°C - 40°C (32°F-104°F)
    Operating Voltage3V (2 x AAA batteries, supplied)
    Red LED OnWithin 2% of programmed torque value
    Storage Temperature-20°C - 45°C (-4°F-113°F)
    Weight3.1lb / 1.40kg
  • 19" x 4" x 3"

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