Premium Condensing Units
Assembled in Australia

Airefrig Australia’s range of Enthalpy condensing units is one of the highest quality units available for the Australian market. The condensing units have many standard fitted features, previously being options.

The Enthalpy condensing units are available for use with HFC R404A/R507, R134A along with the newer generation HFO refrigerants R449A/R448A and R513A. Capacities range from 1kw to 50kw. With factory fitted variable capacity models also available on request, giving an operating range from 10%-100% our Enthalpy condensing unit range also provides an energy efficient and smart solution.

Enthalpy condensing units are powered by Copeland, Bitzer and Maneurop, three of the world’s leading compressor manufacturers. The condensing units are rated to 43 ambient and are fitted with a fan speed controller or EC fans where required. This means they can be applied in the hot climate of far North Queensland to the cooler areas of Tasmania.

The Enthalpy condensing unit is the most complete condensing unit available saving time in installation for contractors. For further information on the range of Enthalpy Condensing Units, contact any of the Airefrig Australia network around Australia.