Carel Coldwatch Push Button Spare Kit - KTCWPSENGL

Carel Coldwatch Push Button Spare Kit


Carel Coldwatch Push Button Spare Kit


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  • The trapped personnel alarm kit is a safety system for low temperature cold rooms.
    The person trapped inside the cold room can press the emergency button to ask for help, and a siren ensures audible and visible signal outside, where the permanent presence of a person is guaranteed.
    This product complies with European standard UNI EN 378-1:2008, Annex D "Protection for people who are inside cold rooms", point 3 "Emergency switch or signal". The annex is limited to cold rooms with a volume of more than 10 m3, operating at sub zero temperature.

    The main users are installers and contractors, the main sales channel are wholesalers and distributors.
    The kit includes:

    • Control unit to be fixed outside the cold room (with n.o. alarm relay), provided with siren to alert about alarm.
    • Back up battery housed inside the control unit, supplies power in the event of blackouts (12Vdc, 10h life time).
    • Emergency button to be installed inside the cold room. The LEDs that light up the emergency button are permanently on.
  • ApplicationPerson Trapped Alarm
    IP RatingIP65 (button) IP54 (panel)
    Mounting TypeSurface/Wall
    TypeAlarm Trapped Person
    Working Range-25/40 (button) -10/40 (Main Panel)


    Additional Button or Spare Replacement

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