Coil Defender Condensate Pan Tablet Pro - 5 Pack - CDPANP5PK

Coil Defender Condensate Pan Tablet Pro - 5 Pack

Part Number: CDPANP5PK

Coil Defender Condensate Pan Tablet Pro - 5 Pack

Part Number: CDPANP5PK
Coil Defender

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  • Condensate Pan Tablet Pro

    Condensate Probiotic Pan Tablet contains a slow release enzymes which will release over time and help the condensate tray of the air-conditioning unit to stay clean and free of blockages and odour.


    • Non-toxic and safe to use in food environments
    • Non corrosive
    • pH neutral
    • Can be cut and moulded to fit any space


    • 12 months protection to stop slime, mould and odour causing bacteria growing and blocking condensate line
    • No specialised equipment needed
    • Reduces potential blockages and water damage
    • Combined with Coil Treatment to give total protection of the system and improves indoor air quality
    • Reduces maintenance and cleaning procedures

    Directions for Use:

    • Please clean and remove all contamination from the drain pan before using tablet.
    • Do not remove the tablet from the plastic bag. When in water, the plastic wrap will act as a glue. Preferred location - as far away from the drain as practical.
    • Mould the tablet up to 1/5th of the thickness if needs to be positioned under the coil or in hard-to-reach spaces.
    • Press the tablet down onto a wet pan. If the surface is not wet, add 5-10 drops of water onto the plastic wrap before pressing. Press until firmly the tablet is firmly glued.
    • The plastic wrap may break when moulding. This does not affect the efficacy of the tablet.
  • BrandCoil Defender
    Pack Quantity5

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