Fermod Latch Inside Release Kit 67mm-115mm Door Thickness - F430CRH115

Fermod Latch Inside Release Kit 67mm-115mm Door Thickness

Part Number: F430CRH115

Fermod Latch Inside Release Kit 67mm-115mm Door Thickness

Part Number: F430CRH115

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  • Fermod F430 Insulated Door Latch Set for 67mm-115mm Door Thickness. Refer to the Technical Information tab to see if this model suits your insulated door type.

    Set consists of Latch Body, Internal Release Handle, Rods, Fasteners & Strike Plate.


    • European design & styling
    • Antimicrobial Resistant
    • Independently Tested and shown to reduce Corona Viruses & Bacteria
    • Constructed from Industrial Grade Composite for strength plus negative & positive temperature conditions.
    • Invisible & Tamperproof fixing
    • Interchangeable for left & right hand opening doors
    • Safe and easily activated Internal release mechanism
    • Soft & quiet operation

    Combine this latch set with Fermod F1573 Hinges & a Kason K109308 Door Closer for the perfect self-closing door operation.

    CRH & All manufacturers highly recommend that all internal safety release mechanisms fitted to doors are checked at least 3 times weekly to ensure they are functioning correctly.


    Updated information on Fermod Latches

    All Fermod latch sets now include an antimicrobial resistant treatment on the external & internal lever that limits the growth of harmful microorganisms*.

    Tests conducted by independent laboratories according to ISO 21702 (for coronavirus**) and ISO 22196 (for bacteria) how that fasteners incorporating the feature allow:

    • A 87% reduction in the number of coronaviruses after 1 hour and 96% after 8 hours***
    • A 99% reduction in the number of bacteria after 1 hour


    • As the feature is an integral part of the material, the product is protected over its lifetime, without loss of efficiency.
    • The treatment is compatible with food contact and in testing shown to reduce the growth of bacteria responsible for food poisoning on the surface. These fasteners are perfectly in line with the HACCP process.
    • More effective than a simple anti-bacterial treatment, because it acts on coronavirus, fungi and mold.
    • Totally odorless and invisible, the addition of antimicrobial chemicals does not affect the quality, integrity or function of the fasteners.
    • This treatment has been used for many years and is perfectly safe.


    *The use of antimicrobial resistant fasteners complements good practices and barriers to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria and cannot replace them.

    **The tests were carried out on the HCoV-229E.

    ** *Reduction of the treated sample against the control of 75% after 1 hour and 92% after 8 hours.

  • BrandFermod
    ColourBlack & Grey
    TypeLatches & Strikes
  • Fermod Latch Inside Release Kit 67mm-115mm Door Thickness

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