A-Gas Rapid Recovery

Australia's Leading Refrigerant Recovery Service - Exclusively through Airefrig Australia

The Rapid Recovery Difference

  • At your site
  • On your schedule
  • Unmatched speed
  • Arctick compliance

Arctick certified technicians using high speed, AHRI certified equipment bring speed and Arctick compliance to every one of your jobsites. The experience of A-Gas Rapid Recovery technicians and the speed of the petrol powered machines means refrigerant recovery on-site is recovered in a fraction of the time compared to standard, off the shelf equipment.

After the refrigerant recovery is complete, A-Gas back it up with industry leading Arctick documentation to eliminate your liability concerns.

Quote Request Form

Every recovery job has variables: quantity of refrigerant, location, access, timeframe. To obtain a quote for recovery services, complete the attached quote request form.

A-Gas Rapid Recovery Quote Request Form

  • Rapid Recovery techs will come to you; whether its at your workshop or out on-site.
  • Using high-speed mobile recovery equipment, they recover all of the refrigerant into A-Gas supplied pumpdowns and return to A-Gas
  • A-Gas provide full artick compliant reporting and provide a rebate for the kg’s recovered