Fan Speed Controller 230V 0.2/8.0A 1/4" MF - RGEZ1Q45MFQ1

Fan Speed Controller 230V 0.2/8.0A 1/4" MF

Part Number: RGEZ1Q45MFQ1

Fan Speed Controller 230V 0.2/8.0A 1/4" MF

Part Number: RGEZ1Q45MFQ1

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  • Saginomiya Fan Speed Controllers

    • Suitable for controlling the condenser fan speed on refrigeration & air conditioning units.
    • Keeps condensing pressure stable & constant throughout the year.
    • Two selectable low speed operations are available:
      • 1) Keep fan motor running at low speed
      • 2) Turn fan off
    • RGE enclosures are IP54 rated
    • XGE enclosures are IP65 rated
    • Maximum working pressure : 4.7 Mpa
    • Control Method: Phase control

  • *1 F.V.S Setting Kpa (Adjustment Range Min/Max)600/2800
    *1 F.V.S Setting Kpa (Factory Setting)1900
    *2 EPB Kpa600 Fixed
    Ambient Temp-20°C to 55°C
    Amps/Electrical0.2-8.0/230V 1PH
    Pressure Connections1/4" Male Flare
    RefrigerantR22, R407C, R404A, R134a


    The Pressure at which the control delivers 95% output effective voltage R.M.S (V%)

    Pressure width where effective voltage corresponds to the minimum speed or causes cut off operation.

    Min.Speed: Fan motor will be kept running at the specific valve (V%) when pressure band increase more the E.P.B.

    Cut Off: Fan motor will be stopped when pressure decrease to the specific values (V%) for R.M.S

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