Vibration Eliminator 1-1/8" (MWP: 600PSI) - V118

Vibration Eliminator 1-1/8" (MWP: 600PSI)

Part Number: V118

Vibration Eliminator 1-1/8" (MWP: 600PSI)

Part Number: V118

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  • Vibration Eliminators are designed to absorb and reduce compressor vibration which if not addressed has the potential of damaging system components & refrigeration pipework.

    The Henry Vibration Eliminators are constructed of a deep pitch corrugated stainless steel hose covered with a stainless steel braid. The hose and braid are reinforced by stainless steel ferrules at each end and are connected to copper tube ends for the V series by a high temperature braze alloy.

    Henry vibration eliminators can be installed in suction and discharge lines of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems and are also suitable for use with HCFC, HFC and CO² refrigerants along with their associated oils.

    Manufactured to CE and UL classifications.

    Installation – Main issues

    Care must be taken if eliminators are installed horizontally in suction lines & operating temperatures are below freezing point.

    Moisture may form on the outside of the eliminator when installed vertically & may accumulate in the lower braid collar. In subsequent freezing this may deform & destroy the eliminator.

    If vertical installation is the only option, or if condensation is possible with horizontal mounting, the entire flexible section, ferrules & braided hose must be covered with a watertight synthetic material e.g. a heat shrinkable PVC sleeve.

    Note: The ferrule & start of the braid must be wet-ragged for brazing when installing the V series to prevent overheating damage.

  • BrandHenry
    Connection Size1-1/8"
    Hose Internal Diameter29mm
    Maximum Working Pressure4130 kPa
    Operating Temperature-40°C to +120°C
  • A: 329mm B: 32mm

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