Danfoss Scroll Compressor 3PH R22 Mineral Oil Stub Tube - SM0844VI

Danfoss Scroll Compressor 3PH R22 Mineral Oil Stub Tube

Part Number: SM0844VI

Danfoss Scroll Compressor 3PH R22 Mineral Oil Stub Tube

Part Number: SM0844VI

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  • Danfoss is a worldwide manufacturer of compressors and condensing units for refrigeration and HVAC applications. Danfoss have a wide range of high quality and innovative products that help your company to find the best possible energy efficient solution that respects the environment and reduces total life cycle costs. 

    Danfoss have 40 years of experience within the development of hermetic compressors which places them amongst the global leaders in the industry. Today Danfoss operate from engineering and manufacturing facilities spanning across three continents.

    This SM084-4VI model is supplied with internal overload motor protection to prevent excessive current draw, overheating & phase loss or incorrect motor rotation. The cutout current is the MCC value & can be found in data sheets. The protector is located in the star point of the motor & will cut out all three phases when activated & will automatically reset. Although not compulsory it is advisable to fit additional external overload protection for alarm or manual reset. 

    The SM range of compressors benefit from the improved design features below to achieve the highest efficiency: 

    • Gas circulation, motor cooling and oil behaviour are improved on light commercial platform models by a new patented motor cap design. 

    • Part protection and assembly reduces internal leaks and increases life durability. 

    • Improved part isolation reduces greatly acoustic levels

    • Gas intake design induces higher resistance to liquid slugging.

    • R22 optimized and charged with mineral oil

    Note: Crankcase heater is not supplied with compressor & should be purchased separately if required.


  • General Specifications
    Nominal HP7 HP
    Displacement19.92 m³/Hr
    Swept Volume114.5 cm³/rev
    Suction Line ConnectionStub Tube 1-1/8" ODF
    Discharge Line ConnectionStub Tube 3/4" ODF
    Weight64 kg
    Oil Charge3.3 L
    Oil Type160P Mineral Oil
    Electrical Specifications
    Voltage380-400V / 3 / 50Hz
    Motor Type3PH
    Max Continuous Current17 amps
    Locked Rotor Amps86
    Max Operating Amps17 amps
    Crankcase Heater 1230 volts 65 watts
    Line to Line Resistance1.74 OHMS (+/- 7% @ 25ºC)

    1. Crankcase Heaters are not supplied with compressors & should be purchased separately if required

  • ContactorMC18B240V
    Crankcase Heater7773107
    Electronic OverloadGMP223P22A
    Thermal OverloadMT323K18
  • danfoss_manuerope_scroll_a

    Units Dimensions (mm)
  • R22
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    45Capacity (w)11010138571711420816225952499629690
    Input (w)5062503850044961493849074842
    Current (Amps)9.599.599.559.519.499.459.37
    50Capacity (w)10176129451611519718214502379028363
    Input (w)5692566056165562553454955416
    Current (Amps)10.3110.2910.210.210.1710.1310.03
    55Capacity (w)119651504018538202202249326941
    Input (w)635663036236620261576063
    Current (Amps)11.1211.0711.0110.9810.9210.82


    11.1k Superheat, 8.3K Subcooling, 35°C Ambient

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