Copeland Compressor 3PH POE Oil Rotalocks Included - CS27K6ETFD595

Copeland Compressor 3PH POE Oil Rotalocks Included

Part Number: CS27K6ETFD595

Copeland Compressor 3PH POE Oil Rotalocks Included

Part Number: CS27K6ETFD595

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    The Copeland CS hermetic compressors are designed for commercial refrigeration applications. They feature a “low-side” gas management system. The steel shell contains cool, low pressure suction gas that surrounds and cools the electric motor and mechanical compressor parts, resulting in lower motor and discharge gas temperatures. 

    Many years of experience in the research, design, and manufacturing of compressors are culminated in the CS series compressors outstanding features such as its wide range of:

    • Model Selections 

    • Electrical Choices 

    • Approved Operating Conditions 

    • Refrigerant Options - R134a, R404A and R507 

    These attributes are indicators of this compressor's versatility.


    Optimized Compressor Design 

    Based on its advanced reciprocating design, Copeland’s CS line was built with greater reliability and higher efficiency levels in mind. This new generation of hermetic compressors has been optimized with enhanced features that improve performance and durability in any condition: strong low-voltage start capability, decreased re-expansion volume for higher efficiency, and reduced bearing load for longer life. 

    These compressors have also been modified for use with HFC-compatible polyol ester oils. Utilizing POE oil solves miscibility and solubility issues associated with traditional mineral oils. A redesigned wrist pin improves oil flow at high-compression ratios, further safeguarding the life of the compressor.


  • General Specifications
    Nominal HP3.5 HP
    Displacement92.4 m?/Hr
    Suction Line Connection1-1/4" 12UNF 3/4 ODF
    Discharge Line Connection1" 14UNF 1/2 ODF
    Connection Typerotalock
    Weight33 kg
    Oil Charge1.5 L
    Oil TypePOE
    Oil Sight GlassYes
    Electrical Specifications
    Motor Type3PH
    Max Continuous Current11.8 amps
    Locked Rotor Amps41 amps
    Rated Load Amps8.5 amps
    Crankcase Heater240V 40W Wrap Around
    Line to Line Resistance3.96 OHMS (+/- 7%)
  • Suction Service Valve2605122030
    Suction Service Gasket020002802
    Discharge Service Valve2605081620
    Discharge Service Gasket20002800
    Thermal OverloadMT323K9
    Crankcase Heater018008800
  • Units Dimensions (mm)
  • R404A
    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    45Capacity (w)8317665052003900278518851282
    Input (w)4077366032002710221017301290
    Current (Amps)
    50Capacity (w)701756004300320022551510
    Input (w)418737203210267021401640
    Current (Amps)
    Capacity (w)
    Input (w)
    Current (Amps)


    Cond Temp (°C)Evaporating Temperature (°C)
    45Capacity (w)24903380472064008130997011020
    Input (w)1351161319122203242425412588
    Current (Amps)3.3249074.
    50Capacity (w)22302970417057307420920010230
    Input (w)1278156219042229249726742751
    Current (Amps)
    55Capacity (w)257036055080669084109410
    Input (w)149618722245256327952906
    Current (Amps)


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